3PL Specialists

The Bottom Line Benefits of 3PL

Third party logistics makes ultimate sense for companies who need to deliver stock to market but have neither the space nor the personnel to do this.

FreightCare have provided Third Party Logistics services since the early 1990s, and as such have valuable knowledge and experience on all aspects of handling and storage of goods, particular fast moving consumer goods – FMCG. In fact, we are one of only a few 3PL specialists in the entire Auckland region.

By employing the 3PL specialist skills of the FreightCare team, businesses can instantly achieve some major bottom line improvement to their profitability.

  • Reduced space – you no longer have to lease large stock storage space
  • Free up capital – we provide the specialist knowledge and the delivery capabilities so you no longer have to commit major full time  resources to this aspect of your business
  • Reduced plant – no need for warehouse fixtures, forklifts and so on
  • Access to specialist knowledge – stock control and on time delivery is what we do, all day every day.
  • A clear and competitive fee structure with pay as you go cash flow benefits
  • Extremely accurate and on time order fulfilment and product delivery

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