Managed Warehousing Services

From toys to treadmills

Follow the path of any goods from importation to delivery to the end user, and you will see all the services FreightCare can take care of it.

We take delivery of customs-cleared containers and as a MAF-cleared facility can accept any imported goods. Whilst we are not customs agents ourselves, we can also assist you with this.

We de-van all containers and check all inwards goods into our modern, purpose-designed and secure warehousing facilities.

Stock is managed within the warehouse as is appropriate to the type of goods, with regular inventory and stock management reporting.

All orders are fulfilled accurately and distributed promptly to their destination on receipt of order.

Our product handling knowledge spans healthcare and beauty to clothing and textiles, hi fi and electrical to dry foodstuffs, raw materials, sports gear and leisure items, toys and much more.

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